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Emkanat Al Arabia for Trading and Contracting Services began in 2006 in Riyadh – kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the institution had expanded to many sections in Trading and Contracting (Construction, Equipment, Fit-out, MEP, Fire system, Extension Conditioning Systems, Furniture) Our main focus is the Saudi market, and this strategy helped us develop our main projects in the field, we now work in stability to serve the market needs with high quality. Moreover, customer satisfaction has always been our target, because we believe that a satisfied customer brings continuity to the firm. Now, Emkanat has its name in the Saudi Market, after being known for years as luxurious private residential professionals, we can call ourselves now project managers/ executers with all kinds of projects, due to the Management plan and expertise we handle critical projects all over the country. We started by a design, then supervision, we found ourselves executing, more than 100 private villas and Palaces to a rising number of commercial projects. As a result of our management invested in our employees, we are now achieving each project successfully without any obstacles. In conclusion, we can call our work professional, considering all aspects of the project Scope, Budget, and Time, delivering the finest our customers.

Vision, Mission, Goals


To keep growing, adding to our record all types of projects as a pride to our achievements
To work with 2030 vision to become part of the market’s future
To be considered as a reference to the customers
To have a reputable market share


Emkanat exist to
Design luxury
Manage Projects
Execute Plans
Invest in the youth


Guarantee quality by our finest engineers to our valued customers
Provide the best services to meet the market requirements
Client Satisfaction
Building Reputation
Serving high quality at less time, under our competitor’s budget

Management Quote

When a designer has an idea, it has to take shape. They have to choose the right materials, overcome technical problems, form the right team. (1) “Moustafa Chehayta”
The art of decoration is perceived as one of the leading sectors of the company reflecting the customer’s vision, demonstrating plans, and pleasantness in the selection of colors and drawings that result in an elegant expression. (2) “Moustafa Chehayta”

Recent Works

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